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Santa Clara

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Santa Clara Carpet Cleaning

The Truth About Residue

Residue is everything that is typically left over after an area of carpet is cleaned. Most companies don't make this a point of emphasis when they come to clean.

All of us here at ZEROREZ love to talk Residue! We want your carpets to stay lean longer. That's why we use our patented process that uses powdered water to keep your carpets clean and your family safe. 

Watch this video to see why you should be thinking about residue when having your carpets cleaned.

Santa Clara, California

Santa Clara, California is a thriving city in the heart of The Silicon Valley. There are thousands of successful businesses along with parks and schools that are well taken care of.

If that isn’t enough to peak your interest, you will be excited to hear that the weather is just gorgeous! With sunshine around 300 days a year, you will always be able to go outside and enjoy nature.

Santa Clara is also considered one of the safest cities with a population more than 75,000. This city prides themselves with the highest fire safety rating in Santa Clara County, along with some of the fastest response times in the entire state of California.

If you aren’t into that kind of stuff, Santa Clara is also a hub for professional football. “Levi's Stadium", the San Francisco 49ers stadium, is located here and has been the location of Super Bowls and other major sporting events. You can enjoy all the ups, downs, and rivalries of professional football.


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Affordable and Knowledgable

Affordable and knowledgable.  They took care that my cat didn’t run out the door.  The cleaner isn’t smelly or perfumed.

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Very Happy

The technicians were great, on time, courteous and made extra effort on tough stains.  Very happy with the service, will use again and recommend.

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Recommended as the Best

Special care was taken to remove pet stains.  Service people are polite and interested in doing a thorough job to the customer’s satisfaction. I am overall very happy with their service and highly recommend them as the best of these services and also light on the pocketbook.

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