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Monte Sereno

Carpet Cleaning in Monte Sereno

Why Should I Care What I Clean my Carpets With?

Carpet cleaning is a neccessity for anyne who desires to have a clean and presentable home, but do you really know what is used to do that cleaning? The ZEROREZ ® multi surface clearning process is a safer, unique way to clean carpets and other surfaces!

Our alkaline water solution is 100% non-toxic and safe for families and pets. We all know how scary it can be to use cleaners in our homes that have the potential to be harmful. 

Watch this video to find out just how safe our cleaner is.


Discover why Zerorez is the best in Monte Sereno

Powdered Water Zero Residue

We only use a patented formula called powdered water to clean all surfaces.

This makes Zerorez the best because of the lack of residue on your carpets which will keep them cleaner longer.

Rated Platinum by the Carpet and Rug Institute

The patented process of Zerorez and quick dry times, helped us recieve the highest honor by the Carpet and Rug Institute.

Faster Drying

Water compounds are all we use in our cleaning. One benefit of this is that our cleaning products dry 2X faster than other carpet cleaners.

Pet and Family Safe

Our eco friendly carpet cleaner is more than safe for pets and families.

The patented formaula will leave little to no residue which means that pollutants from your pets and family members will have a harder time attatching themselves to the carpet.

The Small Town of Monte Sereno

Monte Sereno is a small town right outside of Los Gatos. It only has a population of about 4,000 people, which helps keep it a quiet respite from many of the large surrounding cities. 

This beautiful area is a popular spot for many Silicon Valley Executives and summer getaway homes.

Unlike many of the surrounding towns, there is not a lot of rich history with Monte Sereno. It was primarily used for agricultural means which hindered much of the commercial growth surrounding towns experienced. This has caused it to become a gem that is different from it's surroundings.

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Great Experience

We had a great experience with Zerorez.  I had never used Zerorez before and was pleasantly surprised.  I hear commercials all the time on KGO and I decided to try them.  The technician was fast and efficient.  He called me a couple time before he arrived to let me know he was running late.  He cleaned our family room carpeting, two chairs and an ottoman.  We will definitely use Zerorez again.

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Recommended as the Best

Special care was taken to remove pet stains.  Service people are polite and interested in doing a thorough job to the customer’s satisfaction. I am overall very happy with their service and highly recommend them as the best of these services and also light on the pocketbook.

8773210739 Zerorez Bay Area Varied

First Choice

I love that Zerorez uses no harmful chemicals.  My carpet feels clean, looks clean and smells clean.  It lasts for a long time.  Zerorez is always my first choice.

Directions to Zerorez Bay Area

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Hours: 7AM to 6PM Monday - Friday and 7AM to 2PM Saturday

Phone Number: (877) 321-0739