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What makes Zerorez Campbell's best carpet cleaner? We pride ourselves on three major things. Our Powered Water®, our tools, and our people.

We are called Zerorez because our Powered Water will leave no residue in your carpet. Powered Water is water that has gone through our special machines to have a hydroxide molecule added to its molecular makeup. This cleaning agent is non-toxic and safe for your family and pets, but powerful enough to remove even the toughest stains from your carpet. The best part is that it evaporates just like water leaving zero residue behind so your carpets do not attract dirt as they would if they were cleaned with other cleaning agents. Your floors will be cleaner longer! Combined with our cleaning tools, you get incredible results.

The first tool we use is our counter-rotating brushes. With it, we grab all the debris that have become stuck within the fibers of your carpet. These are the things your home vacuum cannot get. Once we have removed your carpets of larger debris we bring in our state-of-the-art extraction wands that are specially made to work with our Powered Water. Most extraction carpet cleaning processes will leave your carpets soaked, and you have to wait far too long for your carpets to dry. Our wands get deep into your carpets completely rinsing the fibers, but they are designed to move the water efficiently, so they do not flood your floors. You'll be able to walk on your carpets in your socks quickly!

When you work with Zerorez, you work with a team that is dedicated to your satisfaction guaranteed. If you're not satisfied within 30 days of your cleaning, call us back out to have it cleaned again at no charge. Our technicians are dedicated to getting the job done right the first time. Time and time again we have heard about how great a job Trevor did or how awesome Alex was. It's no wonder we are America's most recommended carpet cleaner! When you choose us, we know you put your trust in us to get the job done right, and we will.

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Extremely Impressed

I was extremely impressed with Zerorez and the service I received.  From the start to finish everyone was professional and very helpful. I especially want to acknowledge the technician, Alex who cleaned our carpets.  He was on time and very clear on what was going to be done and completed the job in a very timely manner.  I would recommend Zerorez as the carpet cleaning company for anyone’s home or business.

8773210739 Zerorez Bay Area Varied

Affordable and Knowledgable

Affordable and knowledgable.  They took care that my cat didn’t run out the door.  The cleaner isn’t smelly or perfumed.

8773210739 Zerorez Bay Area Varied

First Choice

I love that Zerorez uses no harmful chemicals.  My carpet feels clean, looks clean and smells clean.  It lasts for a long time.  Zerorez is always my first choice.

About Campbell

Though the population of Campbell may be small compared to the surrounding cities, it is a city filled with a vibrant community spirit and loaded with local events. Located in Santa Clara County, Campbell is a part of Silicon Valley. It is known for its beautiful historic downtown along with being the original home of eBay.

Campbell is named after its founder Benjamin Campbell who moved to California in 1846. The land that he purchased for his farm later became the historic downtown area of Campbell. It was not until 1952 that Campbell would officially be made into a city. The city very quickly became a domestic hub as the farms were sold to make way for the increasing housing demand.

Campbell is primarily a residential area and does not have very many businesses within its city limits, although one commercial building has stood the test of time. Originally built as Grower’s bank in 1920, the building located at 400 East Campbell Avenue has gone through multiple transformations including a bank, theater, and now a wine bar and restaurant. Now, most of Campbell’s residents commute out to other cities for work and enjoy a more relaxed neighborhood for their homes, outside of the major cities surrounding it.

Here at Zerorez, we have loved serving the town of Campbell. We have found that the residents are truly happy and hospitable towards our carpet cleaning technicians. Whatever your cleaning needs may be, we are looking forward to serving you and your home.

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